Philip Sayce

Peace Machine
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Chewy drop-tuned riffs, wiggy bends, sassy wah, singing feedback, and waves of blistering, Fuzz Face-soaked leads—these are Philip Sayce’s cherished playthings. Kicked hard by the eternally bad-ass drummer Kenny Aronoff, Sayce delivers a set of Strat heaviosity and churning, psychedelic blues that pays deep homage to Axis: Bold as Love-era Jimi Hendrix. Sayce has all the trippy sounds down, and because he hammered out the 14 tracks in two days, the music has a fresh, raw feel that relies on adrenaline and room tone, rather than fussy studio techniques and plug-ins, to make its point. His remake of Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl” is delightfully thunderous. If you dig searing, in-yo’-face fretwork, Peace Machine will spin your driveshaft.
—Andy Ellis