Phat Axx Overdrive Added to Indyguitarist's Pedal Line

Looking to recreate the creamy, buttery tone of Eric Johnson in one pedal, Indyguitarist has comes up with the "Phat Axx" Overdrive.
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Controls include a bass boost switch, volume and gain knobs, and a tone knob that acts as more of a 'presence' control than the traditional tone control found in most overdrives. The Phat Axx is completely true bypass and includes a 9v "Boss style" power jack.

There are two versions of the pedal being offered - one of them is in a diamond plate enclosure, while the cheaper version is in a hammond box. The same circuit is inside however. The diamond plate enclosure is a bit more expensive since the case alone takes several hours to fabricate from start to finish.

Bass boost/cut switch
Blue Led
Completely True Bypass
Optional Custom made Diamond Plate/Poplar enclosure with copper shielding for extra noise protection

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