Phase II Passive Soapbars Added to Basslines Family

Face it. Not everybody likes active pickups. That''s why the engineers at Basslines, Seymour Duncan''s all-bass division, just released the Phase II Passive Soapbars. These replacement pickups offer a passive alternative to battery-powered pickups.
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Bassists can use the Phase II Passives with passive volume and tone controls. Or, for maximum control, they can be matched with Basslines' STC-2p or STC-3p Tone Circuit, which offers either two or three bands of active EQ together with a proprietary slap contour switch.

The Phase II Passive pickups are direct replacements and generally require no instrument modifications. The full-length dual blade accommodates maximum string spacings up to 2.70" (68.5mm) for the four-string model and up to 3.10" (78.5mm) for the five-string model.

The Phase II Passive pickups are hand built in Seymour Duncan's Santa Barbara, California workshop and include mounting hardware and instructions.

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