Peterson StroboStomp

For decades, Peterson mechanical strobe tuners have been the choice of those who tune for a living, and the company’s recent digital strobe units claim 30 times more accuracy than needle- or LED-style tuners. Bringing strobe technology into the stompbox realm, the new StroboStomp ($309 retail/$189 street) is an amazingly well-equipped unit that features a large, easy-to read “virtual strobe” display and can accommodate drop and capo tunings, as well as the Buzz Feiten Tuning System tempered tunings for acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and 12-strings. Along with providing several Peterson exclusive “sweetened” tunings for guitars and basses, the StroboStomp can also be programmed to accommodate your own custom tempered tunings.
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The ultra rugged unit features a mutable balanced D.I. (XLR) out, 9-volt input and output jacks (for feeding another battery-powered device), true-bypass switching (only when the D.I. is switched off, however), and a ground-lift switch.

Using the StroboStomp is simply a matter or plugging in your guitar and twisting the pegs. The three-bar strobe display provides dead-on indication of your tuning status (and can be clearly seen even in bright sunlight), and it also reveals any harmonic inconsistencies that could signal it’s time for a string change and/or an intonation adjustment. The more tedious editing and programming steps will likely necessitate keeping the instructions handy (you’ll probably want to keep a pair of reading glasses nearby too, as the type is microscopic), but if you seek the most versatile tuner you can fit into a gig bag, or stick on a pedalboard, you’ll want to give the StroboStomp a try.