Peterson Strobe Tuners Makes Its Mark in the Apple Store

iStroboSoft brings strobe tuning to iPhone and iPod touch....
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Peterson Tuners, in partnership with JHC Software, has released iStroboSoft for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch 2nd Generation. iStroboSoft provides the popular Virtual Strobe tuning display capable of allowing users to tune their instruments with precision 1/10th cent resolution. Greater tuning accuracy allows better alignment of sounds waves and instruments tend to possess increased clarity after being tuned with a strobe tuner.

iStroboSoft can be used to tune stringed instruments, brass and woodwind instruments quickly and easily via a simple interface designed specifically for the iPhone and touch. The large strobe pattern can also be made to go full-screen allowing easy viewing in any condition. iStroboSoft features an adjustable Concert A reference, preset drop/capo settings and an input boost for instruments with low outputs. A noise filter is also included for use when tuning with the external mic as well a unique calibration feature that will allow users to 'lock' iStroboSoft's readings with an external tuner.

iPhone users can utilize the built-in microphone for tuning and iPod touch users will require an external microphone similar to the headset mic that is available with hands-free ear buds kits for the iPhone. Peterson will soon be offering an adaptor cable for both iPhone and touch users that will allow a direct connection from the instrument's ¼" to the iPhone/touch mini-jack for instances where tuning with the built-in mic is not optimal.

"With the ever-growing popularity of StroboSoft, iStroboSoft was the next logical step for us," says Marshall Johns, Product Marketing Manager at Peterson Tuners. "The performance and price point of iStroboSoft makes it a solid choice for those looking for a pro-level tuner on a small budget."

iStroboSoft is now available on the iPhone App Store for $9.99.