Peter Bernstein Trio

Live at Smoke

For nearly 15 years, jazz guitarist Peter Bernstein, organist Larry Goldings, and drummer Bill Stewart have been exploring the rich terrain of the organ trio. And this DVD shows precisely what developing a musical telepathy with other players can do for the music as a whole, as well as your own improvisations. Bernstein’s playing burns with a slow, rolling boil. His solos are exquisitely structured sound sculptures, yet he’s ready to change course at a moment’s notice, depending on what musical elbow Stewart or Goldings may jab in his side. Refreshingly, the trio never succumbs to the often clichéd “explosion” moment in their improvisations, opting instead to play it cool, and see what tasty tidbits they can pull out of more subtle timbres. Watch and learn. Mel Bay.
—Darrin Fox