Pedalsnake Wins Major Award

Stage Magic Inc. recently announced its patented product PedalSnake™ was voted “Best Accessory” in the yearly “Reader’s Poll” at Guitar Player Magazine. Guitar Player is one of the oldest and most respected publications in the music industry.
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“We were thrilled,” says Stage Magic president Jody Page, “…and surprised being such a small company.”

“But our customers were loyal,” Page continues. “Practically everyone who bought a PedalSnake last year voted for it. We know this because most of them emailed us to say they had voted. Our customers really are special—they are the players all around the world who weren’t afraid to try something new. PedalSnake is now fast becoming the new standard in FX pedal connections, but last year, when they bought PedalSnake, it was a brand new concept on the market. So they were taking a chance, and every one told us they were glad they did.”

Is this a good omen for the future? “Absolutely,” answers Page. “This has given sales a boost, along with our recent naming of the Fender Wholesale Division as our domestic distributor. So, we are hoping for a boom year in 2007!”

Is there anything else new in the PedalSnake world?

“We are launching a new website, which will be a big improvement. It will still include our infamous PedalSnake video!” (see it at And a new product line is due out early in 2007. We are offering more lengths and channel counts for our Generation 2 (G2) plug’n’play line. This is our most popular line, since you can easily change your lines around if your rig changes. And guitar rigs seem to change often.”

New PedalSnake products will debut at the 2007 Winter NAMM Show in the Fender booth (207).