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Get Out of My Yard [Alfred]
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Chart-topping rock star and self-professed Hollywood guitar maniac Paul Gilbert is also an amazing teacher. His enthusiasm for all things guitar is infectious, and his ability to break down techniques such as picking and vibrato is second to none. On the over-two-hour Get Out of My Yard DVD, Gilbert runs you through every tune from his album of the same name, and, in the process, plays some absolutely terrifying guitar as he details the origins and concepts behind some of the record’s sickest licks and riffs. You also get sections on Gilbert’s preferred method for burning through arpeggios (string skipping rather than sweep picking), ghost bends and vibrato, and, of course, alternate picking. The production values are top-notch with close-up shots of Gilbert’s hands, pedalboard, and guitars, and the live footage of Gilbert with his amazing trio (Mike Szuter on bass and Glen Sobel on drums) just adds to this already packed DVD. Get Out of My Yard is way more than a simple “how to shred” tutorial. Throughout, Gilbert stresses that your ears are just as important as your fingers, and that by listening, your technique and your tone will improve.