Paul Gilbert

Get Out of My Yard
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Forget his insane chops. The best quality in Paul Gilbert’s playing is that he sounds like he’s having a blast in a genre (instrumental guitar rock) full of guys who, lets face it, take themselves pretty seriously. On Get Out of My Yard, Gilbert will certainly drop your jaw. Technically, he is still one of the most frightening of the shred breed, but Gilbert’s love of pop has served him well, as he’s able to craft provocative, multi-dimensional tunes that serve as a vehicle for his amazing 6-string abilities. “Straight Through the Telephone Pole,” is what would Humble Pie would sound like after two years at the Musician’s Institute, while “Marine Layer” is a beautiful acoustic guitar/piano piece that will actually make you forget that you’re spinning a record full of blitzkrieg guitar. Highly recommended, and fun to boot. (Shrapnel.)
—Darrin Fox