Parker Introduces New Alder Body NiteFly And Updates NiteFly Swamp Ash Guitar

Parker Guitars has announced today a new member of their NiteFly series guitars--the NiteFly Alder.

The NFA features a solid alder body paired with a solid one-piece maple neck with carbon-glass-epoxy reinforcement. Parker's famed neck is joined to the body using a true bolt-on with a half-round precision joint. This patented neck joint eliminates neck humping so common to bolt-on neck guitars. "Using a thin veil of composite over the back of the neck strengthens the neck for greater tuning and intonation stability. Furthermore, the neck is so strong that it is less susceptible to temperature and humidity changes making seasonal truss rod adjustments virtually unheard of," states John Page, Division Manager of Parker Guitars.

Featuring Parker's patented bridge and tremolo system, the NFA comes equipped with two Dimarzio custom wound single coil pickups and a Dimarzio custom wound humbucker with coil-tapping. It is also available with a 3 single coil pick up configuration. Perhaps the finest bolt-on neck guitar made in America today, other NiteFly features include Sperzel locking tuners, GraphTech nut, carbon-glass fingerboard, and hardened stainless steel frets. Available in Cream White, Crimson Red, and Indigo Blue, the NFA has a sleek control layout consisting of a master volume and two tone controls.

Parker Guitars has also updated its existing NiteFly Swamp Ash guitar. This piezo equipped model will now sport a solid maple neck and coil-tapping for the bridge humbucker. The NiteFly-SA is currently available in Black, Transparent Red, and Transparent Blue.

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