Parker Guitars to Host Factory Tour

Parker Guitars will host a factory tour on Friday, May 30, 2008. Attendees will be culled from the online Parker Forum where the idea originated.
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“We had enough people asking to do it, so I decided to make it happen” says Parker Head of Sales, Jeff Dale. The ongoing dialog on the forum has been filled with excited anticipation of the rapidly approaching event. Excitement was so high that the tour filled before the end of March. Parker players are a fiercely loyal bunch, aware that they belong to an elite group of guitarists playing the cutting edge of guitar technology.

Participants will be taken on a full tour of U.S. Music Corp. and shown how Parker guitars are made from start to finish. As an added bonus, the attendees will get to see and play U.S. Music Corp’s other major musical instrument lines – Washburn Guitars, Randall Amplifiers and Eden Bass Amplifiers. Parker Guitars will pick up the lunch tab as well.

Parker Guitars is owned by US Music Corp., located just north of Chicago. US Music Corp. is a uniquely positioned, fully integrated musical instrument company that manufactures and markets instruments, accessories and audio equipment for professionals, aspiring professionals, collectors, hobbyists and beginner musicians. Also owned by US Music Corp. are Washburn Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Eden Amplifiers, Oscar Schmidt and Vinci Strings.

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