Parker Guitars® Four Seasons Limited Edition Series

The Fly Mojo has been the hottest selling guitar in Parker Guitars’ innovative history.  For 2008, Parker will add to the innovation and intrigue of its current line by introducing a limited edition series of the Fly Mojo guitars called the “Four Seasons”.  Each of the guitars in the series will be limited in production to 25.  The Four Seasons limited run for 2008 includes a “Summer” Fly Mojo Flame in Bubinga, a “Spring” Fly Mojo in Pearl White, a “Fall” Fly Mojo Flame in Olive Burl and a “Winter” Fly Mojo in Chrome.
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The “Summer” Fly Mojo Flame and “Fall” Fly Mojo Flame are both made with a AAA Flame Maple cap, carved Mahogany body and neck and the “Spring” Fly Mojo and “Winter” Fly Mojo are crafted with a carved Mahogany body and neck. The woods on the Four Seasons series and all of the Parker Fly models are space-age reinforced by a composite that’s thinner than the paint job. Each one has a fretboard system consisting of long-lasting, hardened stainless steel frets bonded to our patented glass/carbon-fiber fingerboard. Parker’s engineers join every Fly Mojo guitar neck and body together by Parker’s patented multi-finger joint that contributes to the evenness of the sound and resists the inevitable warping that sends other guitars out of tune. This patented construction results in an amazingly responsive, lively, and incredibly stable guitar with even tonal response and feel. Featuring a Seymour Duncan® Jazz Pickup in the neck and JB in the bridge, these guitars deliver monster tone. Whether you’re a discerning guitarist or a collector, the Parker Guitars® Four Seasons Series is perfect for you


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The “Summer” Fly Mojo Flame in Bubinga will retail for $4,999 and will be available Q1, the “Spring” Fly Mojo in Pearl White will retail for $4,499 and will be available Q2, the “Fall” Fly Mojo Flame in Olive Burl will retail for $4,999 and will be available Q3, and a “Winter” Fly Mojo in Chrome will retail for $5,999 and will be available Q4.

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