Pa1X, Pa1X Pro OS Updated to Version 2.5

Operating System Version 2.5 for the Pa1X and Pa1X Pro, Korg''s flagship arranger keyboards, has been released. As usual, the new OS is a free download from Korg Italy''s web site, and can be easily installed by the user.
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Here is a list of the major new features that you can find in the new OS:

  • Song Markers, for a quick jump to a given position in the Song
  • "Expert" chord recognition mode, adding Rootless chords to the basic set
  • Style/RT Track Balance (Style Play mode) and Song/RTTrack Balance (in Song Play mode) controlled via theAcc/Seq Volume slider
  • Fast Play, for a quicker Song start by beginning playback from the first note
  • Lower Lock, to keep the Lower track unchanged when choosing a different Style, Performance or STS
  • Style Track Volume Lock, to keep the volume of the Style tracks unchanged when choosing a different Styleor Performance
  • Keyboard Mode and Chord Scanning Lock, to keep the keyboard mode and chord scanning unchanged when choosing a different Style, Performance or STS
  • Volume Link function, to proportionally change the volume of all Upper, Style o Song tracks at once
  • Factory Sounds overwriting, to create custom Sound banks
  • Auto Select settings saved into the Global
  • Multiple file selection in the Disk (Erase and Copy) pages
  • Play All Midifiles/MP3 files in a folder, to quickly createa Jukebox list (Song Play mode)
  • Copy FX between Styles, Performances, STSs and Songs
  • STS/Variation Link controlled by the Single Touch button
  • All four STSs of the current Style copied to a Song Book entry in a single pass
  • Harmony Track memorized with each SongBook entry
  • The volume of all four Pads can be assigned to the sliders or pedals

And you'll also find:

  • File overwrite procedure enhanced (Disk mode)
  • In SongBook and Disk mode, touching a label selects a different list order
  • Start/Stop, Play/Stop Seq 1, and Play/Stop Seq 2 commands simulated by Control Change messages received on the Midi In Control channel
  • In the Event Edit pages (Style Record, Pad Record and Sequencer modes), events can be scrolled by means of the Shift + Dial combination
  • Select button turns green when pressed in the Drum Volume and Easy Edit pages (Style Play and Song Play modes)
  • Lyrics loaded as ".Txt" files can be scrolled with the Dial
  • Aftertouch On/Off
  • Lock page splitted in more panes

Version 2.5 of the OS can be downloaded now from