Oz Noy

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Simply put, Oz Noy’s Ha! is the most enjoyable guitar-driven instrumental fusion record to enter my ears since my old guitar teacher hipped me to Jeff Beck’s Blow by Blow. Noy’s tones range from pristine and vintage, to odd, noisy, effect-laden, and otherworldly, and the tunes are fascinating and unpredictable. Mike Stern, who calls Noy “one of the best I’ve ever seen,” makes a cameo on the rollercoaster ride, “Downside Up,” and Noy is more than up to the task of playing alongside him as he handles the slipperiest and steepest jazzed-out slopes. But it’s Noy’s ability to pump a groove deep in the pocket that make this record pure money, and show him to be a guitar wizard of the highest order. Magnatude.