Organimation Library for Motif ES and S90 ES Released

K-Sounds has released Organimation, a collection of B3 organ voices and performances for the Yamaha Motif ES series and the new S90 ES.
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Organimation offers new rotary speaker simulations designed to rival dedicated B3 emulators, complete with real-time control over simulation speed and character. In addition, most sounds feature real-time drawbar control, real-time adjustable chorus, or single-trigger percussion.

Organimation offers "solo voices" and "component voices." Solo voices are complete organs designed to be used independently. Component voices are designed for use in Performance mode, where they can be combined with other voices to create new organ sounds. Component voices offer single drawbars, multiple drawbars, single-trigger percussion, rotor grit, stereo enhancement, and more.

Organimation also offers a collection of performances. Most use component voices to create complex organs not possible in Voice mode. Others combine Organimation voices with factory presets to create full rhythm sections, complete with five carefully selected rhythm patterns.

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