Option 5 Destination Rotation Single

Harnessing the awe-inspiring sensation of a rotary speaker into a tiny metal box isn’t easy. But for my money, the Destination Rotation Single ($269 retail/$229street) gets as close as an analog stompbox can. Offering true-bypass operation, as well as footswitchable Fast/Slow and Overdrive functions, the Rotation Single also sports recessed trim pots for Slow Trim, Fast Trim, and Drive Level.

Set ’em and forget ’em though, because these things are hard to turn. The Mic Placement control governs the effect’s depth. Using either my Deluxe Reverb or Reverend Goblin 5/15, the Rotation Single emitted warm, drippy, and believable swirl. When you kick the Fast/Slow switch, the speed slowly ramps up (or down) like a real rotary speaker. Vibey for sure. The Overdrive function is handy for pushing the modulated swirl up in the mix, but I never even bothered with it, because I dug the Rotation’s straight tones the most. The pedal’s fast speeds work excellent for Beatle-esque rhythm parts or warbly SRV and Jimmie Vaughan excursions, while the slow speeds are thick and rich like a good chocolate milkshake. Hell, the Rotation Single can make a compelling argument to kick your chorus pedal to the curb with your acid washed jeans—it’s that fat. That’s why it receives an Editor’s Pick Award.

Gets real close to the real rotating thing. Fat and soupy.

Trimpots are tough to turn.

(260) 341-0633; option5-online.com