Option 5 Destination Phase

Offering stereo outputs and “non-tone-sucking-bypass” switching, the Destination Phase ($179 retail/$149street) attempts a mash-up of two venerable phase shifters—Electro-Harmonix’s Small Stone and MXR’s Phase 90.

So is the Destination a phase sensation? You bet. Not only is this box alarmingly quiet, it indeed delivers an expansive, sinewy, very effected phase à la Small Stone, as well as the more unassuming thickening powers of the Phase 90, without being a “split-personality” type of effect. Instead, the Destination Phase rolls the sonic DNA of these classic pedals into a voice all its own. Running the Destination in stereo brings this personality out even more—especially when the Speed control is set low, as this is one of the slowest phasers I’ve ever heard. It made the chewy modulation between the two amps—whether running bone clean or filthy—a wonder to hear. The Destination can go into wackier faux-Leslie seasickness, but I found its raison d’etre to be the slow, toothy swirl. A wonderful, dynamic effect.

Offers whoosh to warble. Quiet and clean, yet warm and organic sounding.


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