Option 5 Destination Overdrive II

Run between a Telecaster and a Fender Deluxe Reverb, the true-bypass-equipped Destination Overdrive II ($179 retail/$149street) excelled at giving my amp a hopped-up “second” channel, transforming spanky-clean tones into a molten, modded-Marshall grind.
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The Overdrive II isn’t much for clean boost—even with the Drive all the way down and the Level all the way up—as it imparts its own color to your amp. In medium-gain settings with single-coils, the Destination was a tad crashy when I really dug in, but overall, I found myself appreciating the pedal’s singing, chirpy midrange and dynamic, touch-sensitive crunch. The three-band EQ is voiced nicely, allowing for a decent amount of tone twisting. The biggest sonic makeover I discovered was with the Drive at 12 o’ clock, the Level full-up, the Middle at zero, and the Treble and Bass cranked—it turned a Deluxe Reverb into a righteous facsimile of a Marshall JCM800. Pretty fun.

A sturdy, well-built overdrive with enough range to satisfy blues cats or hard-rock heathens.

Some crashiness with single-coils.

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