Onerr DGD-2

Hailing from Brazil, the ruggedly constructed Onerr DGD-2 ($227 retail/$129 street) is a 24-bit digital delay that dishes up 10ms to 1,250ms of near full-bandwidth (20Hz-18kHz) repeats, yielding audio performance that’s in the same ballpark as many rackmount studio processors.

In addition to providing ultra-clear repeats, the DGD-2 gives you dual outputs for wet and dry signals, and you can tap in your tempo while in Delay mode, or lock in a repeating loop in Hold mode. The pedal may be powered using a 9-volt battery or a standard adapter.

There’s nothing revolutionary or particularly interesting about this pedal, but that’s the point. Rather than seeking to add color or analog-like warmth to your sound, or give you lots of options, its prime directive is to deliver high-quality clean delay, and it does so admirably well. The 1,250ms maximum delay time is more than enough to create cool, layered phrases, and while maxing out the feedback won’t produce self-oscillation, it also doesn’t mess up the clarity of the nearly endless repeats. Tap-tempo works fine, though the Hold function is a little tricky, as you must release the pedal at just the right moment to avoid audio glitches. If you’re looking for a good general-purpose digital delay with a few nice extras at a very reasonable price, the DGD-2 is definitely worth auditioning.