Obnoxious Shred Lick NO. 237

Admit it: You have no shame. With an agenda that’s clear to everyone but yourself, you stroll into—perhaps even take employment at—the local music emporium to, under the guise of testing out new gear, dial in loud, performance-enhancing lead tones you can use to broadcast your shred chops to everyone in your zip code. With each steroidal scale run, you reinforce the stereotype that (as Django Obscura’s Peter Harris once put it) an electric guitar is like a jet ski—only fun for the guy who’s on it. In fact, you make it quite obvious that the only band you’re in is the elastic one around your waist. (Thank you, Fruit of the Loom.) We here at GP understand the thrill you take in cranking that lead channel and interrupting people’s concentration, so notated here is a sonic (brain) Wave Jammer we’re sure you’ll love. Powered by an upward sweep of the top two strings, the core triplet-sixteenth phrase (shown both lower and higher on the fretboard) indulgently repeats every downbe

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