NS Design Introduces Bass Cello

NS Design has announced the USA debut of the Bass Cello , a unique new instrument. "The Bass Cello allows any bass or cello player access to the exciting world of bowed electric sound," says Ned Steinberger, creator of the NS Bass Cello.

The new 5 string instrument has a 34 inch scale set up especially for bowing. The instrument also performs particularly well as a pizzicato bass instrument and can be tuned in fourths like a standard bass, or in fifths like a cello.

The proprietary NS Polar piezo and EMG magnetic pickup systems along with the on board preamp allow the player to select attack and decay parameters to compliment both arco and pizzicato technique.

All NS instruments feature a full range of ergonomically designed stands, and the new NS Shoulder Strap System for cello and bass.

For more information, visit their web site at www.nedsteinberger.com.