Nord C3 Combo Organ

The dual manual Nord C3 Combo Organ emulates three types of vintage organs carefully modeled from B3, Vox* Continental and Farfisa* Compact Deluxe originals. Clavia''s new 2nd generation organ model provides the most detailed response in terms of what you hear, and in how it feels to play the instrument.
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The Nord C3 features our famous tube-style overdrive, three types of amplifier simulations (including rotating speaker), vintage delay, reverb and 3-band EQ. The C3 also features high level outputs, includes an 11-pin Leslie connector, and a dedicated Bass Pedalboard MIDI input. Its most striking feature, though, is its portability: the Nord C3 weighs in at only 33 pounds (15 kg).

The Nord C3 is the organ of yesteryear made for the 21st century musician.


Half-Moon Switch - speed control switch for internal rotary speaker emulation, or external rotary speaker

Gig Bag - red, padded, and wit ha pocket large enough for the optional Legs

Height-adjustable Legs - vintage-style legs with extenders for bass pedal use.

Music Stand - capable of fitting 4 sheets of music.


• 3 Organ Models: B3, Vox* Continental and Farfisa* Compact Deluxe.
• 2 x 61 Medium Weighted Waterfall Keys
• Tube style Overdrive
• 3 Amplifier Simulations (including rotating speaker)
• 3-band EQ
• Vintage Delay
• 5 types of Reverb
• High level outputs
• 11-pin Leslie* standard connector
• Weight: 15kg (33lb)
• Pricing (USA): List $3,600