Noize From The Editor(7)

Life can change brutally fast. For me, this meant being my hyper-energized self one moment, and then, within a flash, I became some lame basket case in an emergency room. No real horror story—just kidney stones—but I proceeded to spend a significant amount of time in doctors’ offices, x-ray labs, and, finally, on an operating table. But, just as fast as it happened, the whole rotten affair faded to memory, and I’m back enjoying the lucky existence the heavens have sent my way. Whew.

Sadly, the bummers weren’t completely over. This is the last issue of GP traffic copped by the fabulous Emily Fasten—our managing editor, indie-rock evangelist, and knitter. Emily is taking her magnificent smile and awesome administrative chops over to Design Within Reach as a copywriter/editor for the upscale furniture company’s creative services division. The staff is going to miss her cagey and inventive attempts at seducing editors to turn their copy in on time, her hilariously cynical view of all things corporate, and her aggravating trait of being right about everything. If you dug a lot of the indie bands we’ve covered, enjoyed pouring over the news bits in the Riffs section, or appreciated getting GP in your mailbox in a timely manner, then take a moment to aim a few “thanks” bubbles at Northern California, because it’s Emily who deserves your gratitude and praise. (And if this page is wet—my apologies—those are my tears.)

We’re also saying a kind of goodbye to Patrick Wong, who proved far too talented and ambitious to retain a second-string position as GP’s designer. Patrick is moving to Bass Player as that mag’s full-fledged art director, and we’re excited that his wacky view of life, music, and motorcycles will inform the design of that truly excellent publication. GP readers will still be treated to Patrick’s photographic skills—which is the reason I’ve stopped bawling!

I’ve also managed to rein in my emotions because Emily’s replacement as GP managing editor is Kevin Owens—our copy chief, proofer, and resident golf addict. I worked with Kevin on the now-defunct Gig, and I came to depend on his administrative prowess, his writing and editing skills, and his dry, but deadly sense of humor. Kevin is a marvelous addition to an already rockin’ team.

In an existence filled with whippet-quick shifts and turns, there are good spins and bad. In GP’s case, great people have moved on to new and challenging gigs, and open positions have been filled with great people. When so much can go wrong in life, it’s nice to bask in win-win situations.