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I love and respect every single person who reads Guitar Player, and I’m such a magazine hound that few other interests have a prayer of sneaking into my bandwidth, but even I realize you can’t get everything from the printed page. Ya gotta gig. Ya gotta live. Ya gotta get out and rage like devil dogs. And GP must break the confines of paper and ink, as well, which we’re doing in spectacular fashion this year with two extremely groovy events presented by our new Music Player Productions division.
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The first bash is the long-delayed GP Guitar Hero 2005 competition. Thousands of players entered last year, and the venue flipped about a bit until the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland offered the event a home for June 10. The GP staff picked ten finalists from the flood of entries, and each guitarist was slated to bare their soul, creativity, and technique in front of judges such as Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather and his son Trevor (guitarist with Lindsay Lohan), DJ Munch (From radio WMMS Cleveland), and GP’s Jude Gold. Click to for more information.

The other event involves all the Music Player publications—GP, Bass Player, Keyboard, Frets, and EQ—and it’s the first truly consumer-music extravaganza to be launched in this industry in years (which is why we’re calling it the “Ultimate Consumer Music Summit”). Officially billed as Music Player Live!, the big show takes place in New York City, October 21-23, at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square.

What makes this party different and special is, in addition to the usual seminars and workshops for beginning to expert players, Music Player Live! presents tons of fun and inspirational experiences for non-players, interested parents, music fans, and those who dig hanging with stars. Planned “non-technical” exhibits include getting pictures and autographs from star musicians, making your own music tracks with assistance from pros (and getting a CD-R copy of your track for free), and jumping onstage with a band to play a simple part taught to you by an expert (and having it filmed—you get the QuickTime video to show your friends). There will also be live music performances and other goodies. Whether you’re an experienced player, or a newbie looking for that spark to kick-start your immersion in music making, Music Player Live! offers a complete menu of cool, fun, and educational encounters. Additional info is available at I’ll see you there!