No Island Media Producing Documentary With Boston's First Act Luthiers

No Island Media, a digital media production company specializing in reality programmes for and about creative professionals, is featuring Boston''s First Act in the innovative reality/documentary series, The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone, due out in July 2006.

Combining three mini-documentaries about each of the three Limited Edition guitars- the Sheena, Lola and Delia - with a visit to the First Act Chief Luthier, Kelly Butler, the total running time for this segment of the series will be two hours.

"I found First Act's story to be very compelling," says No Island's Executive Director Trevor Andrews. "One one hand, First Act is known for supporting entry-level music study via entry-level instruments, and on the other they have a solid reputation for creating high-end custom guitars. With there Limited Edition guitars, First Act is taking a bold move based on love of craft and founded on the vision of First Act Chief Luthier, Kelly Butler, a true individual craftsman. It is that meshing of corporate and personal vision combined with a clear desire to produce stellar instruments that makes this a great story."

"I personally like stories about craftsmen," says Dina Walker, Executive Producer of No Island Media. "I really like stories about corporations that empower craftsmen to experiment, achieve and explore for the benefit of the community at large. Personally, I want to see each guitar in the hands of lots of different people. Hear the musician's story, see how they use the instruments, watch as the work of one craftsman helps the work of another. To me, when people explore and share, that is compelling television."

Episodes of The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone which focus on the Limited Edition guitars will combine performance, reality, "test drive" segments and a discussion about each with Kelly Butler.

No Island openly invites anyone in the Toronto area who wishes to take part in the programme, to contact

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