Nikki Sixx Limited Edition Elite T Bass from Ovation

Ovation Guitars has introduced the Limited Edition Elite T Bass, designed by Nikki Sixx.
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Nikki Sixx, one of founding members of Mötley Crüe--one of the most influential rock bands in history, has been playing a variety of Ovation guitars and basses throughout his musical career. When Nikki approached Ovation about building a custom bass, they took on the project with a vengeance and built an acoustic/electric bass that would best reflect Sixx's notorious monster sound. The result, a collaboration between Sixx and Ovation, launches the first Limited Edition acoustic/electric bass that Ovation has ever produced.

Ovation's Elite T Bass by Nikki Sixx (model NSB-778-RFT and NSB-778-GFT) features a Spruce top with custom Red Flame finish (also available in Gray Flame finish) and Ebony fingerboard with MOP Maltese Cross inlays. Sixx's signature blazes across the headstock and each bass features a label hand-signed by Nikki Sixx, inside the bass body. Electronics are powered by a customized Ovation Op-Pro preamp.

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