New Tweak Fuzz Stomp Box from Seymour Duncan

Following up to their SFX-01 Pickup Booster, Seymour Duncan has just released their second effects pedal, the SFX-02 Tweak Fuzz.

The Tweak Fuzz features a six-position "Tweak" switch to voice the player's fuzz tone the way they want it. The basic tone will be familiar to those who remember the vintage fuzz tones of the '60s pop festivals. But with the addition of the Tweak switch, the player can now create a myriad of different fuzz tones, making the Tweak Fuzz a versatile pedal for electric guitar and bass.

Originally conceived by rock guitarist Blues Saraceno, along with his father Alex Saraceno, the Tweak Fuzz was initially marketed as the "Afro Fuzz," and was sold in one-off batches by Saraceno for several hundred dollars per unit.

When Seymour Duncan took over production of the pedal, they changed the moniker to "Tweak Fuzz," but the same essential design feature remains: the Tweak control. This rotary knob engages one of six pre-set EQ resonances that give an overall "flavor" to the Tweak Fuzz, rolling off the bottom end and influencing the behavior of the Gain control.

The Tweak Fuzz' circuitry is true bypass, so when pedal is not "on," the guitar's signal passes through, without affecting tone or gain. The chassis is 1.6mm sheet metal. A single 9V battery or a regulated DC "wall wart" (not included) powers the unit.

Footage of Blues Saraceno putting the pedal through its paces in his studio as a free streaming video is available on


  • Gain range: +23dB to +50dB
  • Type of circuitry: Discrete, Class A, low-noise transistor
  • Current consumption: 2 milliamps
  • Dimensions & Weight: 4.62" wide x 5.10" deep x 2.2" tall -- 2 lbs

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