New Tube-Vibe Pedal from Effectrode

Effectrode has accounce the Tube-Vibe, a vacuum tube-based pedal inspired by the Uni-Vibe.

The Tube-Vibe features a pure tube analog signal path which delivers a lush and organic sound. The design architecture also ensures wide dynamic range according to the company.

The Tube-Vibe lamp modulator adds a new dimension to the meaning of 'custom' - it can be factory set to generate sine, square, sawtooth and trapezoidal waveforms for that unique signature throb and tone. More options currently include Vibe-Wah and step-wah modes.

The tubes used in the Tube-Vibe are NOS military spec. In addition to speed and volume controls, there is also a Blend knob to mix the dry and vibrato signals while an LED provides visual feedback on the rate of the LFO. Several internal trim pots and DIP switches let you further tweak the sound.

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