New Tube Overdrive Pedal from Electrosonic Amplifiers

World''s first and only EF86 preamp pedal. Enhance the sound of any rig. Full, high-voltage power supply provides real amplifier voltages for authentic response, dynamics, and tone.

Based around the Electrosonic-designed EF86/12AX7 hybrid preamp. Use as a clean boost, EQ, or overdrive. Powerful tone controls shape the sound dramatically and go from jangling cleans to full on, thick overdrive tones. Fat switch allows you to switch from blackface fender/vox sounds to thick, beyond-marshall zone. This switch, in tandem with the 3-band tone control section, allows a huge array of tones.

The EF86 preamp tube is a Pentode, similar to an output tube. It has a natural articulation and clarity that most preamp tubes do not. It also has a slight natural compression to the tone, which lends itself nicely to chiming, thick sounds in both clean and overdrive modes.

Key Features:

  • True bypass
  • Treble, Mid, Bass controls
  • Fat switch
  • On/Off switch
  • Vintage carbon comp resistors
  • Sprague polyester capacitors/silver mica
  • Quiet star ground system w/ground loop buster
  • External Fuse
  • Full size indicator lamps(no LEDs), On and Enganged lamps
  • EF86 + 12AX7 tubes (based on our Hybrid EF86/12AX7 preamp)
  • Double shock mounted tube sockets
  • Turret board construction(1/8", mounted with aluminum standoffs)
  • .09 thick aluminum enclosure
  • Super tough, textured, industrial Polane T® coating
  • Completely hand wired in the USA
  • 1 Year warranty

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