New SpiderCapo allows altered and open tunings without retuning

Adjustable capo allows you to capo each string individually....

The SpiderCapo (Patent Pending) is a fully adjustable guitar capo that allows you to capo each string individually, making hundreds of open string tunings possible, without de-tuning your guitar. Play all the barre chords and riffs you already
know, plus unlimited new chords not possible with standard tuning. It is the world's first full capo with fine tuning for each individual string. An invaluable creative tool for songwriters and guitarists, the SpiderCapo fits all guitar fingerboards, is easy to use, and you can even change settings mid-song.

SpiderCapo is precision engineered, with six individual "fingers" for use as a full or partial capo on any string or combination of strings. Fits any six-string guitar, electric or acoustic, nylon or steel string, wide or narrow neck, flat or radiused fingerboard. Attaches to sides of fingerboard, dense ox-leather pads will not damage your guitar's finish.

Easily used in live performance, you can quickly change tunings without re-tuning your guitar between songs, eliminating the need for multiple instruments in different tunings. Switch quickly between DADGAD and other tunings for example. Play melodies with open string accompaniment, finger above and below the capo, beginners and accomplished players alike can explore new creative possibilities, new tunings and fingerings, keys, harmonies, colors and textures. Increase fretboard and harmonic knowledge. Unlimited applications for all styles of music. Banjo/bouzouki version available as well as a long version for wide neck classical guitars and even Electric Bass.

A sample video with the SpiderCapo is at

SpiderCapo comes with instructions and "Getting Started Guide" of sample tunings and fingerings. Audio and video samples, demonstrations and instructions available on our website: