New PD-1 Pro-Verdrive Pedal from Audiotech

Audiotech, makers of guitar effects pedals and switching devices for guitar players, has introduced their all-new PD-1 Pro-Verdrive pedal.
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The PD-1 produces vintage and modern overdrive tones with enough gain to push that slightly distorted amp over the edge. In addition to overdrive, the PD-1 can also be used as a clean boost that does not alter your basic tone. "We wanted to design an overdrive pedal for guitar players that already have their basic amp tone dialed in, but still need a great overdrive/boost they could kick in to get a little more gain for solo work. Without altering their fundamental tone," says company president and chief engineer Eric Roberts. He adds, "Our PD-1also cleans up nicely when you back off on the guitars volume control, so clean single notes and strumming stand out."

Designed to be rugged and road worthy, the PD-1 Pro-Verdrive is housed in a heavy-duty cast aluminum enclosure. The PD-1 features True Bypass switching. One 9V battery is required.

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