New Old-School Hand Engraving from Liquid Metal Guitars

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Make a guitar that is unique to metal – that is what we strive for and the latest Liquid Metal Guitar is a prime example of just that.

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These guitars are collaboration between Warren Smith and Liquid Metal Guitars. Beautiful old school engraved scrolls are chiseled and tapped into patterns in the metal. Just like he has been doing on guns, knives and jewelry for years, his skill, knowledge and respect of an ancient tradition emblazon each guitar.

Warren is a master craftsman working from his mountain side studio in Armstrong, B.C. He’s surrounded by a collection of small hand tools, hammers, chisels and a liberal dose of metal shavings. Tapping, cutting, filing and bending and of course engraving are the skills he uses to transform our raw metal into objects of desire.

“Having seen some of his work and knowing that he has worked in the jewelry trade for close to twenty years, we approached Warren to jointly create a new look for his aluminum bodied guitar. He jumped at the chance” says Phil Cook, Owner of Liquid Metal Guitars.

”The idea of working on such a large canvas was very exciting. What I saw when I looked at the raw body was these beautiful lines and curves , I wanted to have an organic feel utilizing the natural curves . I wanted the foliate-like scrolls to play against and to compliment the curves of the body ” said Warren.

Looking at the results of this collaboration it seems like a natural fit . Beautiful , large, rolling designs, hand carved into this all metal body . One attempts to imagine the spark of musical creativity that is possible with an instrument this beautiful, created with such passion.

Each guitar, is signed by Warren, his signature in the scrolls.

The LMG T - WS ($4,399 retail) comes with our custom bridge. Like the guitar body, it too is machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum. Adding a final touch of uniqueness; our LMG aluminum control knobs.

This model has a Peter Florance Voodoo in the bridge pick up our Seymour Duncan Custom Pickup set with a PHAT Cat in the neck This set gives the guitar player the great, clear tone that LMG has become famous for over the years.

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