New Guitar and Bass Processors from Zoom

This year at Summer NAMM, Zoom introduced their fastest, most powerful multi-effects pedals to date: the Zoom G2 and G2.1u guitar pedals; the B2 and B2.1u bass pedals; the A2 and A2.1u acoustic pedals; and the G7.1ut and G9.2tt guitar consoles. All are based on an all-new ZFX-3 processor: 32-Bit Processing, 96kHz sampling, 24-Bit A/D, D/A converters.
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With a 96kHz-sampling rate, the harmonic quality and warmth of a tube amp can be rendered up to higher harmonic registers with an extended frequency response of 20Hz -- 40kHz. The new processors also feature a signal to noise ratio of 120dB and a noise floor of -100dB. Another great feature: Speed. When it comes time to change patches between song sections, that annoying delay when switching has been virtually eliminated. These pedals can change patches in 0.005 second.

G2 Guitar, B2 Bass and A2 Acoustic Pedals

40 preset effects patches, and memory space for 40 user creations, drum machine with 40 patterns. 50-plus effects. The G2 guitar pedal has 16 models of classic drive tones. The B2 bass pedal has nine pre-amp/cabinet modeling effects, five stomp box-modeling effects and three different bass-synth sounds. The acoustic pedal models classic acoustic guitars and acoustic guitar body styles.

G2.1u Guitar, B2.1u Bass and A2.1u Acoustic Pedals

The step up versions of the pedals first add an expression pedal, for greater control of effects and levels. These advanced models also add a USB audio interface for connecting to a computer. Each of these models ships with a copy of Steinberg Cubase LE DAW recording software as well, for the complete computer package.

G7.1ut Effects Console

The G7.1ut Guitar Console takes the processing power of the G Series and adds a real tube to the signal path for authentic sounds. With dual programmable A/B pre amp channels, it's like having two separate pedal boards. Setup and program you're A/B channels and the G7.1ut is capable of performing a concert worth of material on the fly. The G7.1ut features a built in expression pedal, the real tube energize function that punches up drive and boosts volume, as well as a USB audio interface and Cubase LE software. There is also Remote Patch Editor software that is available online for future updates.

G9.2tt Effects Console

The monster G9.2tt Guitar Console features 2 real tubes in the signal path providing a Tube Accelerator function that adds a pre-overdrive and natural compression and a Tube Energize function for drive and volume. Twin expression pedals, one with 3D control, can be set to your desired control parameter and the dual preamp design gives you instant A and B channel operation ideal for live performances. The G9.2tt also includes an XLR microphone input with available phantom power for use with the included vocal effects and the USB audio interface.

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