New George Dennis Pedals Arrive in North America

European Musical Imports announced the availability of five new units to the George Dennis line of effects pedals for the North American market.

The GD35 Wah Wah offers a pronounced Wah-Wah sweep (much like the classic 60's Wahs) in a true bypass format.

The GD45 Wah Switch offers the same specs as the GD35 but includes the ability (via a toggle switch) to modify the center frequency from "normal" to a more "bass centered" sweep in order to accommodate both guitar and bass instruments.

The GD65 Volume/Wah Parametric offers a Wah and a Volume pedal in one unit, but allows a wide range of adjustment to the wah tone and sweep. The Frequency control can be set to boost the high or low end; The Quality controls the sweep curve of the wah; The Level controls the intensity of the wah effect.

The GD120 Volume/Tremolo provides the player with an optically controlled volume pedal that is also capable of tremolo. Everything from a slight warble to all out surf is on tap. In Tremolo mode, the pedal controls the speed of the Tremolo effect. The classic sound of the 60's, minus the noise inherent in the original designs.

And finally, the GD290 Chorus/Flanger combines both effects in one pedal. A lower setting of the feedback control adds a Chorus effect to the signal. Increasing feedback results in a gradual change to the Flange effect.

George Dennis products are distributed in the US by For more information, visit their web site at or the