New Gainiac 2 Tube Preamp from Rocktron

The Gainiac 2 is Rocktron''s new version of the famous tube preamp for guitarists.
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The Gainaic sound has been modernized, and an extra control provided for the clean channel (separate master volume), plus more headroom offered so players get even more gain than ever before. The Gainiac 2 adds three band EQ to the clean sound as well, and the clean sound now runs through the tube for more warmth.

With over 100dB of gain, the Gainiac 2 has two channels with distortion and power needed to perform at full throttle. Equipped with a "Scoop" control, the Gainiac 2 lets you go from the classic sounds of the 60's and 70's all the way to the raging atomic sound of modern metal, according to the company.

In the Gainiac 2, Rocktron has improved the mid scoop on the distortion, which is the key to modern metal music. The Gainiac 2 allows over 30dB cut, or "scooping" of the midrange used with the bass (Bottom control) and treble (Top control).

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