New for NAMM: The AXL Badwater 1216 Jr.

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“Keep it Simple” was the guiding premise behind the design of the all-new AXL Badwater 1216 Jr. With just one pickup and two knobs, we've stripped away everything but the essentials for a guitar that packs the perfect details into a simple package at a near-impossible price. 

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The 1216 Jr is the little brother of the best-selling Badwater 1216 single cutaway. The Jr shares the same extra deep cutaway, along with a contoured neck heel to make the upper frets easy to reach. The set mahogany neck and solid mahogany body create a solid foundation and the single AXL Alnico P-90 pickup can switch easily from clean blues to gritty punk tones.

The AXL Badwater 1216 Jr is Summer 2011's perfect pick for players, an unbeatable combination of playability, value, and cool factor, and so attractively priced that your guitar collection won't be complete without one. Check out this taste of the familiar with a twist of modern from a company that understands what players want.

The AXL Badwater 1216 Jr. has a street price of $164.99 and comes in Antique White, Antique Brown and Matte Sunburst finishes. 

AXL Guitars is also the builder of the AXL USA, Wavepoint, Jacknife and Marquee Series electric guitars and basses. For more information on AXL guitars, visit www.axlguitars.