New "Expert" Forums Added to Harmony Central

Harmony Central has started its expansion with new forums and an international language component.

The cornerstone of the site expansion is the addition of new forums including Craig Anderton's Sound, Studio, and Stage forum. An early pioneer in the online community, journalist and industry spokesperson Craig Anderton started Sound, Studio, and Stage in 1995 when the Web was still in its infancy. Known for his technical expertise, integrity, and moderating skills, Anderton will bring a unique and extremely valuable resource to the Harmony Central site.

Industry veteran Dave Bryce, an active keyboard player, will assume moderating duties for the existing Keys, Synths, and Samplers forum. During the five years he moderated his Keyboard Corner forum, Dave coordinated ten acclaimed CDs based on contributions from the Keyboard Corner community.

For combo fans, Lee Flier's Backstage with the Band covers gigging, from loading to being live onstage. Lee is based in Atlanta, where her rock band What The...? is a fixture in the Southern music scene. Flier will also be moderating The Political Party, which is migrating with Sound, Studio, and Stage, and provides a dedicated place for musicians to discuss political issues.

For recording studio professionals, Los Angeles studio owner Phil O'Keefe will moderate In the Studio Trenches, covering everything from how to get the best recordings and mixes, to the business side of running a studio.

Drummers and percussionists can visit the Drums and Percussion forum where Nashville based drummer Dendy Jarrett will assume moderating duties lending his expertise from years as a successful country/rock session drummer and live performer.

One of the major objectives in the coming months will be to expand Harmony Central's international presence, hence a long-term internationalization effort has begun with two new forums: Nuestro Foro, moderated by Latin American synth-pop musician Gus Lozada, and a French language forum, Musique, Enregistrement, et Technologie, will be moderated temporarily by Craig Anderton (who speaks fluent French) while the search continues for a native French moderator. A German language forum is also planned for Q4 of 2005.

All the new and existing Harmony Central forums are located at Free registration is required to post.