New DM-T Treble Booster from BSM

The BSM DM-T model is based on the Winston Treble Booster made in England in the late 60''s, and was used by some british bands at this time.
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While mainly a copy of the Winston circuit, BSM's DM-T also adds a versatile tone-control system: for the treble and mid tone-control the circuit of the almost forgotten Apollo booster is used while for the bass tone-control the circuit of a modified VOX booster will comfort your ears.

In comparison to the technically similar but more gently sounding OR Treble & Bass Booster, the DM-T produces a harder sound without getting shrill according to the company. It fits perfectly the classic beat and rock sound but is also a good mate for funky or country rock music. The DM-T is loaded with the original NOS 60s germanium transistors like the Winston Treble Booster was.

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