New DA5 Digital Combo from Vox

VOX Amplification introduces its latest guitar amp, the DA5 Digital Amplifier. The 5 Watt DA5 boasts a collection of amp sound styles, built-in effects and 24-bit/44.1 kHz signal processing. For ultimate portability, the DA5 can operate on battery power.
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The DA5 features 11 guitar amplifier tones designed for a variety of musical styles. Its tones -- ranging from pristine clean, to outrageous overdrive, to chunking rhythm -- can be dialed up instantly. Eleven single and combination effects are built-in including auto wah, compressor, delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, chorus, tremolo and rotary plus noise reduction. Users have the ability to adjust the parameters of every effect.

The DA5 is loaded with convenient features including a unique power select switch that lets the user adjust the power amplifier output by selecting one of three values: 5 Watts, 1.5 Watts or 0.5 Watt. This allows the user to turn the master volume all the way up to drive the power amp for maximum tone and feel while keeping the output volume level reasonable. An AUX IN can accept line level signals for connecting a mixer or CD or MP3 player, and a separate MIC IN with its own level control completes the package. All three inputs may be used simultaneously, enabling the DA5 to serve as a complete rehearsal amplification solution.

A VOX proprietary 6.5-inch, 8 Ohm speaker produces powerful output, while a headphone/line output can be used for private or late-night practicing or for direct connection to a mixer or recorder. The headphone/line output adds cabinet tonality and character for a sense of "air" and depth.

The ultra-portable DA5 weighs in at just over 7.5 pounds, and can be powered by either the included AC adapter or by six C batteries.

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