New "Candy" Model Combo from TheAirtightGarage

TheAirtightGarage announced the release of the Candy amplifier. The Candy is a 3x10 combo amplifier with two separate channels, dual reverb units, and channel switching capabilities.
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The Candy has two independent channels ("mean" and "clean") which are switchable via the included footswitch. The footswitch can also turn the reverb on or off for either channel, independently.

The mean channel controls are gain, treble, mid, bass, reverb and master volume. The clean channel controls are gain, tone, reverb and mater volume. Reverb for each channel is provided by separate reverb tanks so that channel separation is maintained at all times, and independent control of the reverb level is possible even when switching channels. Each channel has separate gain and master volume controls so that levels and preamp gains can be set accordingly. The mean channel is a high gain channel, and the clean channel is a jazz style clean channel.

The Candy can accept the following output tubes with proper bias adjustment: 6V6GT, 5881 (6L6WGB), 6L6GC, KT66, and EL34. Preamp tube complement is two 12AT7s, one 12AY7 and five 12AX7s. Top mounted controls from left to right are: Power, Idle/Run, Clean channel (master, reverb, tone, gain) Mean channel (master, reverb, bass, mid, treble, gain). A hemp cover, footswitch and lifetime warranty are standard equipment. Standard the Candy is loaded with 5881 output tubes.

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