New Book Teaches You to Mod Pedals Yourself

If you have bought a guitar pedal and thought "I wish it had more bass" or "I wish it sounded a little more ____," then a new book may give you just what you need to know to make it reality.
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The folks at and have written a book that details just how you can modify your own pedals, and it includes the details to modify many of your favorite pedals. Included with the book is access to updates for life -- meaning that anytime a new pedal is added to the list, you get access to the details of the mod through their website -- for life.

The pedals covered in the book include:


  • BD2 blues driver
  • BF2 flanger
  • CE2 chorus
  • CE3 chorus
  • CH1 chorus
  • CS3 compressor
  • DD3-DD5 digital delay
  • DS1 distortion
  • DS2 turbo distortion
  • GE7 equalizer
  • HM2 heavy metal distortion
  • MD2 mega distortion
  • MT2 metal zone distortion
  • OD1 overdrive
  • OD2 overdrive
  • OD2-R overdrive with remote
  • OD3 overdrive
  • ODB3 BASS Overdrive
  • OS2 overdrive-distortion
  • SD1 super overdrive
  • SD2 dual overdrive
  • TR2 tremelo


  • Wah


  • Daddy-o overdrive
  • Fabtone distortion


  • FX60 chorus
  • OD250 - yjm308 preamp-distortion
  • Supra distortion
  • Extreme distortion

Electro Harmonix

  • Big Muff Pi fuzz(black, russian version)


  • MS-10 Metal Charger distortion
  • TM-5 thrash metal distortion
  • TS-5 Tubescreamer
  • TS-7 Tubescreamer
  • TS-9 Tubescreamer
  • CM-5 Classic Metal distortion
  • DL-5 Digital Delay
  • SM-9 Super Metal distortion
  • SM-7 smashbox distortion
  • TK999us Tube King distortion


  • BB2 Blues Breaker overdrive (silver box)
  • Shredmaster distortion (black box)


  • Distortion Plus
  • Dynacomp compressor
  • Phase 90

ProCo Sound

  • Rat2 distortion

Voodoo Labs

  • Sparkle Drive overdrive


  • Classic distortion


  • Tubedriver distortion

Visual Sound

  • Jekyll and Hyde overdrive-distortion
  • Route 66 overdrive-compressor


  • 847 wah

Hughes & Kettner

  • Warp Factor distortion


  • Bass Distortion


  • ODR-1 Overdrive

Robert Keeley

  • DS-1 SEM mod
  • MT-2 mod
  • BD-2 mod
  • BD-2 fuzz freak mod

The book (and ebook version) can be purchased online at