New Book Details Workouts for Vocalists

Anne Peckham and Berklee Press have announced Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer; the practical companion to the best-selling The Contemporary Singer, which has become the preeminent book on vocal technique for contemporary singers, used in music and choral programs all over the world. Grounded in traditional vocal technique and updated for singers of jazz, r&b, hip-hop, and other contemporary styles, Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer is designed to help readers expand vocal technique, power, stamina, range, and expressive breadth.
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This new book includes:

  • 26 exercises that help singers warm up and develop their voices
  • Basic and advanced workouts for high and low voices
  • Two- and three-part exercises to help readers practice singing harmony parts
  • Routines to help singers organize their practice time according to their level and schedule
  • Detailed information about how to improve breath control and develop effective practice strategies
  • Specific technical advice for improving control over vibrato, range, and belting
  • Essential advice for vocal study, voice maintenance, and auditioning
  • A sing-along CD to support the reader's workout, for all voice types: male/female and high/low

Anne Peckham is a singer, voice teacher, and author. A professor in the Voice Department at Berklee College of Music, her work as a teacher and her publications have influenced popular singing pedagogy worldwide. Her approach embraces the foundations of good vocal technique, while building singers' skills in jazz, pop, and rock music.

At Berklee, Anne contributes to the voice program in many ways. In addition to teaching private voice lessons, she continues to develop curricular materials for "Elements of Vocal Technique," a required course for all of Berklee's 600+ voice students. Anne's work at the college, including Berklee's Musical Theater Workshop and the Berklee Concert Choir, has helped enrich the musical experiences of hundreds of students over the years. Alumni of Anne's classes and lessons include Susan Tedeschi, Juliana Hatfield, and many other professionals in the music industry.

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