New Book Chronicles the History of Van Halen

After two years of research, and a lifetime of being a Van Halen fan, author Abel Sanchez has completed a brand new Van Halen book. Entitled "Van Halen 101," it is currently being published by Author House and slated for release in September 2005.
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"Van Halen 101" is a comprehensive guide to the amazing history, music, impact and influence of the mighty Van Halen. From the birth of the Van Halen brothers all the way up to the recent 2004 tour, it's all here. The book includes a foreword by Brian May of Queen, as well as a tribute to Edward Van Halen by over 100 of the world's greatest musicians. From Allan Holdsworth and Steve Vai to James Hetfield and Zakk Wylde, over 100 of the baddest musicians on the planet came forward to personally share their thoughts, memories and stories about EVH. There's plenty of commentary on Van Halen, the band, as well.

As the icing on the cake, the book comes complete with a cover shot provided by none other than legendary rock n' roll photographer Neil Zlozower. There is no text on the cover itself.

"Van Halen 101" not only covers and discusses Edward Van Halen and the band in great detail, it also features and gives major respect to many differenty players, including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Allan Holdsworth and Randy Rhoads. In fact, there is even a chapter dedicated to the late, great Randy Rhoads where the author brought in none other than Kevin DuBrow, frontman for Randy's original band, Quiet Riot. Kevin discusses everything from he how and Randy met and formed Quiet Riot to what it was like to play the same club scene as Van Halen during the mid-to-late 1970s and witness their growth as a band.

The book includes a detailed album-by-album discography, as well as an "FAQ" section, which focuses on and breaks down everything from the elements that make Edward Van Halen a great guitarist to the story of the Frankenstrat to the story of Edward's legendary collaboration with Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson on "Beat It" and the story of "Eruption." There's even a chapter dedicated to "tapping," which explains the history of tapping and includes fresh commentary from such legendary players such as Steve Hackett and Harvey "The Snake" Mandel.