New AXL Tyrant Bass Amp: Big Outpit and Great for Gigs!

Delivering 100 watts of reliable bass power, the new AXL Tyrant bass amplifier has everything you need to power up your clean bass tones.
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The Tyrant 100B (AA-TYR-100B) features a 4-band EQ to accentuate deep lows and bring out mids. It also features passive and active inputs, as well as auxiliary inputs and a headphone jack for practicing along to your favorite bands.

The tilt back cabinet is excellent for stage and personal monitoring.

The XLR line out with level control lets you easily connect to PA sound system or mixer. This is a versatile amp that's perfect for the burgeoning bass performer.

The Tyrant bass amp has a list price of $429.99. AXL Guitars is also the maker of Rapture and Akita amps, and Marquee Series, Mayhem Series and Bloodsport Series electric guitars.

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