New Advanced Guide to Pro Tools Published

Thomson Course Technology announced Pro Tools Overdrive!, an advanced book on Pro Tools. The concept behind Pro Tools Overdrive! is to guide semi-experienced and experienced Pro Tools users to more effective and more successful sessions--whether its to produce, record, compose, mix, edit, or create sound for film.

With coverage on the latest 6.7 version, this guide cuts to the chase and provides power tip after power tip, gleaned from the author's experience as a Pro Tools power user. This book's nonlinear format enables readers to benefit without having to start at the beginning and read through to the end. Instead, readers can pull useful tips and techniques from any chapter and immediately apply them to their work. Equally useful for musicians, dance mixers, post engineers, and sound designers, Pro Tools Overdrive! contains a thorough table of contents, easy to browse chapter and tip headings, and a complete index, making it an ideal tool to reference again and again.

Readers of Pro Tools Overdrive! will get advanced tips on many functions including:

  • Automating Reason synths within the Pro Tools environment
  • Making higher-quality mixes through better gain-stage management
  • Creating multiple headphone mixes for multiple artists during recording
  • Setting up intelligently for 5.1 surround mixes
  • Saving sessions to travel with your client, to another studio, or to another application

Matt Donner has been using Pro Tools since before Digidesign owned it. He has used Pro Tools on Sundance feature films as well as hundreds of records. Currently one of the only Certified Pro Tools instructors in San Francisco, Donner teaches hundreds of students annually at the school he co-founded, Pyramind ( He released a solo album in 2002 called Donner, Party of One (

Pro Tools Overdrive! is one of the first in a series of Overdrive! books launching this year. Overdrive! rounds out Thomson Course Technology PTR's music technology series as the advanced level offering, with the Ignite! series for beginners, and the Power! series for intermediates.

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