New Academic Plug-In Bundle from iZotope

iZotope announced the availability of a new academic bundle for students, teachers, and schools, consisting of their Ozone 3, Spectron, and Trash plug-ins, distributed by M-Audio.
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Ozone 3--Integrated Mastering System with Analog Modeling

iZotope's Ozone 3 combines analog modeling with 64-bit digital precision to deliver a complete integrated suite of mastering processors. Ozone 3 isn't a collection of plug-ins--it's a single powerful interface that combines all the required mastering tools in one system, making it easier to understand and use the mix.

Trash--Complete Distortion Processor

iZotope Trash provides distortion and amp modeling, featuring a range of 64-bit box, cabinet, and speaker models, multiband distortion algorithms, fully sweepable and triggerable filters, and unique delay module.

Spectron--Spectral Domain Effects Processing

Spectron is a complete effects processor. Users will find standard effects including delay, chorus, filter, flange, panning and morphing as recognizable starting points to a completely unique set of effects. Spectron uses spectral domain processing to provide control over selective frequency bands for a unique and broad sonic palette.

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