Nathaniel Street West

I wanted to take over the main floor of his house and record there. The living room has 20-foot ceilings and big windows that look out over the ocean; a really inspirational setting. So that’s where I set up my rig: an Amek Media 5.1 console, two iZ Technology RADAR 24 systems, and my two speaker systems — one small and one big. When I recorded Tim Easton in this little desert house at Joshua Tree, we just used the small system — a pair of Westlake BBSM-5s, which are great for mixing, and a pair of Dynaudio BM 15As, which give you plenty of power in a small environment. Nathaniel’s place had a bigger layout though, so I also brought in the big system with its pair of Westlake BBSM-12s, a pair of 18" subs for an extra kick, and a pair of 24" subs below that for a huge low end.
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