Nady Adds Three Models to Effects Pedal Lineup

New from Nady Systems are 3 new pedal effects, the most recent addition to their new line of guitar products. The new pedals include the TTV-2 Dual Tube Tremolo/Vibrato, the ADI-2 Dual Active DI Box, and the DS-50 Distortion and Sustain.
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The TTV-2 features a dual vacuum tube design (two 12AX-7A's) for warm tremolo and vibrato sounds. Rate/intensity controls offer a wide range of tremolo effects, and choice of 3 types of note-bending vibratos which mimic Leslie, Wurlitzer, Hammond and other organ vibratos provide classic versatility. An output control also offers considerable boost.

The ADI-2 Dual Active Direct Box eliminates impedance mismatch problems and converts any stereo or dual sound source at almost any level into balanced signals. Full-featured dual controls and connections include On/Off, Ground Lift, Guitar/Speaker Sources Select input attenuation switches, unbalanced 1/4" TS Input and Parallel Link Output jacks, and servo-balanced XLR Output jacks. Parallel link outputs allow ultimate hookup flexibility; compact, rugged portable aircraft aluminum extruded housing provides added protection and durability.

The DS-50 Distortion + Sustain offers a classic design and crunchy distortion tone and s sustain. Sustain knob adjusts optimal long sustain and desired distortion. Tone knob allows you to dial in the desired sound--from warm bass to crisp treble. Unit operates with a 9V battery; PAD-1 AC adapter is optional.

The 3 new pedals will round out Nady's existing line-up of pedal effects which currently includes the FL-10 Flanger, TR-20 Tremolo, TS-30 Tube Sound Overdrive, TA-40 Tube Amp Simulator/Superdrive, TD-1 Tube Distortion, and ADI-1 Active DI Box.

The new pedals will begin shipping in May 2005.

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