N-Tune Onboard Guitar Tuner Now Available For Sale Worldwide

N-Tune’s domestic distribution will be handled in part by Audio Agent LLC, with online sales spearheaded by www.MusiciansFriend.com. Additionally, distributor agreements have been reached with World Marketing Associates in Europe, The Middle East, and Africa, along with Kohske Music & Sound Inc. in Japan. Now, anyone anywhere can try N-Tune: the world’s first professional onboard guitar tuner. For more information, visit www.n-tune.com/main/contact.
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The folks at N-Tune are proud to announce that the breakthrough N-Tune Onboard Chromatic Tuner is available for purchase around the globe!

About the Tuner: The N-Tune Onboard True Bypass Chromatic Tuner is the world's most convenient solution for fast, accurate guitar tuning. Once installed into an electric guitar, N-Tune allows guitarists to pull their volume knob to silently tune up in seconds. Then just push it back down to play -- with perfect tone, thanks to N-Tune’s true bypass design. N-Tune can be installed into almost any electric guitar, and is available as a 250kO kit for guitars with single-coil pickups (called the “Fender®-style” kit), and a 500kO kit for guitars with humbucking pickups (called the “Gibson®-style” kit). All that’s required is the existing volume knob and standard soldering tools. No permanent guitar modification required!

Check out N-Tune on the Web: To learn more, visit N-Tune online at www.n-tune.com. While visiting the site, users can bookmark the free web tuner and experience N-Tune’s design and tuning functionality. The N-Tune web tuner is an actual chromatic tuner that works like the onboard version -- it’s fast, accurate guitar tuning at your online fingertips!

About N-Tune: Zero Crossing (the makers of N-Tune), founded in 2002 and based in Redmond, WA, is the brainchild of Seth Demsey, Chairman, Sam Sudore, President/CEO, and Tom Lorimor, CTO. With over 30+ years of collective software and technology experience (put to good-not-evil use at iconic companies including NASA, Microsoft, and Google), they set out to offer affordable and practical solutions for musicians of all proficiency levels. www.n-tune.com