MXRMicro Chorus and Micro Flanger

With its lone Rate control, the Micro Chorus ($79 street) is as butt simple as it gets.


With its lone Rate control, the Micro Chorus ($79 street) is as butt simple as it gets. This updated reissue of the ’80s-era pedal features a die-cast metal enclosure, true-bypass switching with an LED indicator, and a 2.1mm adapter jack for use with an optional AC adapter. The Micro Chorus ships without a battery, and installing one requires removing the four screws that secure the bottom cover. The MC’s bucket-brigade circuit delivers rich, chewy chorusing over a range of speeds that allows for everything from crawling pitch modulation to a blurry whirr that’s reminiscent of the Doppler effect produced by a rotary speaker. The MXR folks have the voicing spot-on for most chorusing needs, so if you like the ease of use afforded by only having to think about how fast the effect goes, you’ll dig what the Micro Chorus has to offer.

KUDOS Sweet sounding chorusing. Excellent speed range. Small footprint.

CONCERNS Noisier than expected.

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As with its aforementioned sibling, the Micro Flanger ($89 street) is armed with a basic feature set that also includes truebypass switching, a status LED, and a 2.1mm adapter jack. And here too, the bucket-brigade circuitry is well implemented, allowing the Micro Flanger to pump out everything from subtle, phaserlike sounds to the swooshy over-thehorizon effects that you get from high settings of the Regen control. Although the effects produced here won’t match the variety or intensity of those produced by the four-knob MRX Flanger or the even more extreme ADA Flanger (i.e. no faux steel-drum sounds, etc.), the Micro Flanger sounds great no matter where you set the controls and is perfectly tuned to embellish rhythm or lead parts with psychedelic swirl or to cover the signature flange sounds on classic rock hits of the ’70s and ’80s, including, of course, “Unchained.” Thanks to its simplicity and superb sonics, the Micro Flanger is ideal for those who want a no-fuss way to get their flange on. This pedal receives an Editors’ Pick Award

KUDOS Excellent range of classic sounding flange effects. Small footprint.



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